“My rock carvings started as a symbol of love, prior to my wedding. A few months before it was time to get married, I got the tattoo of the Bridal Couple on my left leg. It felt nice to have our love perpetuated, but without everyone knowing the full meaning. A year and a half ago I started my new job at the Gothenburg Natural History Museum, a part of Västarvet, and to celebrate I spent a weekend in Tanum. It was my first time visiting the rock carvings, and I was totally blown away by the feeling, the wings of history.

I was speechless where I stood, admiring the carvings and thinking of the lives of the ones that created them during the distant centuries. I felt so close to them, and I felt my place in history through them. So, I just had to continue my tattoos. Am I done with them now? Well, of course not!”



Tattoo artist: Måns Jälevik

Photo: Charlotte Oskarsson