“In 2018 I turned to Wiebke -Donna Tinta-, as I wanted to have my left arm tattooed with motifs that remind me of my trips to Scandinavia. My affinity to Scandinavia has been huge since I was a kid. Together with my family I spent many holidays in Finland and Denmark. Later, when I started to plan my own travels, I kept going to the north again and again. Also, in the future traveling to the Nordic countries are at the top of my list. I cannot describe the feeling that has taken me, for example, in Denmark or Norway and that I am always yearning for.

Presumably, memories of one’s own stays, stories about the beings of the Otherworld – which I have already come to appreciate as a child by my mother – mix together with historical events, the overpowering in the face of the seemingly unreal landscape and the vastness of nature to the deep sensation that I feel.

In order to have these memories and sensations in my luggage as a very, very old woman, it started in 2018 with a common whelk in dotwork. Since I was already the bearer of two other motifs that corresponded to the design of the Vikings, it seemed obvious that the desired illustrations were closely based on the expression that this people used to be artistic. At some point I came across the internet on the rock carvings in Tanum and knew that I had found what I was looking for. With Wiebke I decided spontaneously for the individual pictures. I particularly liked the depictions, which is not very clear what they describe, leaving much room for my own interpretations and stories.”



Tattoo artist and photo: Wiebke Turner/Donna Tinta