“The whole story began 2011 when I met my big love Tobias, a smart and handsome guy, interested in history and Nordic mythology, the old ways, the nature. We noticed quickly we had the same interests and wishes. We planned our first trip to Norway. September 2014 it was time. Because we are from Germany, we have to take the ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg, to drive through the west of Sweden to get to Norway.

We wanted to see as much as possible and in our Marco Polo guide was written something about 3000 years old rockart in Tanum, Sweden. We were fascinated by it, because of the age, the history, the carvings per se, nobody can exactly tell what it´s supposed to be.

On that first trip we heard the band Wardruna for the first time. The mood we had with this ambient music in these countries was amazing and they became one of our favorite bands.  In November 2016 we were on our first live concert from Wardruna and I saw them playing 2 original lurs in their song Tyr. I was overwhelmed and remembered me on the 3 lurblowers petroglyph from Kalleby. From the beginning I was totally impressed and mesmerized by these 3 guys. I was fascinated by the meaning of the lurs, their suspected usage in war and traditions.

I had the plan to get them tattooed in a very traditional way, as it was usual a long time ago. (Handpoking, Dotwork) I searched in the WWW and found Anne Sofie Just Jorgensen, a very talented tattoo artist from the Skin and Bone tattoo studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. In January 2017 I got my favorite 3 lurblowers from Kalleby and a horse headed boat from Järrestad with a sunwheel from Aspeberget tattooed. The sunwheel because of the fascination about its meaning in the circle of the time, the day, the year, the season, the life and many more. The boat because of its popularity and our connection to the sea. Horse headed because I am a horse in the Chinese astrology and in the Chinese thing I was interested in before I met Tobias.

I was infected and wanted more petroglyph tattoos. At the appointment in March 2017 we stayed with the sea theme and I got the whale (we name him “potti”) from Vitlycke and another boat from the Hyllingbjerg boulder. And the single lurblower from Kalleby, who stand next to the popular 3 ones. And because I am very fascinated by devilish things I got another petroglyph, we call it the “devil with jelly legs” from Kalleby. In June 2017 we were on a medieval market in Denmark and I got a petroglyph from Begby. Looks like an embryo or a sprout, germ.

Through hearing Wardruna we discovered the band Heilung. Their frontman Kai Uwe Faust is also a very talented tattoo artist from Denmark.  I saw the video from their very energetic song Krigsgaldr for the first time and saw this expressive warrior petroglyph and wanted it. In February 2018 I got it, as well a snowflake looking petroglyph from Aspeberget, and two women (maybe) on a field (as well from Aspeberget), combined with the well-known sunwheel from Madsebakke, Bornholm. I am mesmerized by this sunwheel and in connection with these women (women are rare figures) it seemed perfect. Also, a cute looking footstep petroglyph because everyone, also ourselves, leaves footsteps in the world.

In November 2018 I had my last appointment and we added some more different footstep petroglyphs to it, I searched in the books Documentation and Registration from the Underslös museum. Also, an elk couple from Nämforsen because they accompany us since our first Scandinavia trip. Another awesome “snail warrior” from the band Heilung and the well-known love couple from Vitlycke. 

Because Tobias is my big love and this whole story will connect us forever. It became a yearly tradition, to stay one night each on the way to Norway and back in a cabin on the campsite next to the Vitlycke museum and looking at the stones in the surroundings. I am proud to have these petroglyphs/art on my arm for the rest of my life and to tell everybody something about their history and meaning. With such art on our bodies we can spread it all over the world and contribute so it will not be lost.”



Tattoo artist: Anne Sofie Just Jørgensen, Skin and bone

Photo: private