“Having been involved in Viking reenactment since 2005 I started very early to fall in love with Viking historical designs. My primary source of inspiration for tattoos at that time was mainly wood carved historical objects. After I discovered a good reference about the Tanum rock art site and I wondered about how could look that all new world of designs translated in tattoos on my skin. So, I came finally to my actual mix of classical viking designs and rock art elements. The later ones I consider really “tattoos oriented” because of the simple shapes and the great effect given on the skin by their “blackwork” outlook.

The subjects I prefer are the ships, because my Viking group called Visund has a Viking drakkar in its banner. But the main side I love of all the rock style patterns is their deep link with spiritual paths, the powerful heritage we all can breathe from them and that I will continue to study and to analyze intensively in the next years.”



Tattoo artist: Alberto Salvioni

Photo: Luca