“My sister and I went to Sweden from the US last year to attend a Metal band concert in Gothenburg. The band was Skalmold from Iceland. We loved the concert and the city. After a few busy days there, we went on to the small towns Frandefors and Bralanda where my great grandparents were born. With a lot of help from my Swedish friend in the US and a genealogist she contacted, we were able to meet our relatives we never knew. After a lovely dinner with them, my one cousin asked where we were going the next day. I told him to Tanum to see the rock art. He told me Bralanda had their own rock art carvings nearby. I was so excited!! We went there the next day and it was an amazing experience. I mean, my own ancestors could have carved these 3000 years ago!! We continued on to Tanum and had another wonderful experience at the Museum, the outdoor exhibits, the rock art carvings and the best gift shop where I bought my Thor’s hammer pendant.

When I got home from Sweden I had three of the Evenstorp carvings tattooed on my arm. They are my favorite, most meaningful tattoos out of many. I look at them every day and remember and cherish my trip to Sweden and the ancestors who inspire me.”



Tattoo artist: Paul Rupeka, Ink Inc

Photo: Linda Hale